Providing Real Estate discounts for Firefighters, Police, Teachers, Military in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.


We provide all our heroes with substantial, direct savings on many of the major transactions and services needed to buy or sell a home.


We also give our heroes the peace of mind knowing that working with an experienced, hand-picked team, makes the entire process as smooth and simple as possible.


Each of our team members has been hand-picked for his or her knowledge and expertise, ensuring our heroes get the best service possible.


All our heroes work with our “Core 4,” as each provides a service required to buy, sell a home. This saves our heroes the hassle of selecting all the necessary individuals and gives you the comfort of knowing the highly qualified professionals working with you are already working in unison, so your entire experience will be as seamless as possible.

  • Jackie Wolfe PLLC Real Estate Agent, Grabham & Associates

    Providing our Hero’s with discounted commission.

  • Jim Passamonte SR. Loan Officer, Citywide Home Loans

    Providing our Hero’s with up to $450 lender credit towards appraisal cost.

  • Tracie Johnson Account Executive, Great American Title Agency

    Providing a 20% discount off the Basic Escrow Rate fee.

  • Steve von Ehrenkrook Certified Home Inspector, White Glove Home Inspections

    Providing our Hero’s with 15% off your home and termite inspection.


We know that a team is only as strong as its members, so we have carefully selected each of our preferred partners to help our heroes find trustworthy professionals for the myriad of services often needed when buying or selling a home. All of our partners understand the sacrifices our heroes make for our communities, and are saying thank you by offering our heroes even more savings.

Element Carpet Cleaning
Element Carpet Cleaning
Element Carpet Cleaning
Searching for the best carpet cleaning companies with excellent customer service in Peoria, AZ and surrounding areas can be a daunting task.
Farmers Insurance
Farmers Insurance
Farmers Insurance
Having the proper insurance coverage is one of the most important steps your family can take. Why trust those crucial decisions to chance? The time to choose the right insurance professional is before you need one. That's where I can help.
Magic Pest Control
Magic Pest Control
Magic Pest Control
Our mission is simple; provide 100% dependable, top quality, safe, efficient, and the most technologically sound methods of pest control at each and every visit to our valued customers. As a family establishment, we work hard to provide Arizona with these standards and we will accept nothing less.
Plumber Time
Plumber Time
Plumber Time
We love our customers and we love plumbing! PlumberTime is focused on giving you the best quality plumbing, low pricing, and great customer service. Never worry... Because at PlumberTime... We've got you covered!

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We provide a real estate discount to Firefighters, Police, Military and Teachers who are ready to buy, sell or refinance their homes.

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